About Sparkraft Enterprises, Inc
The owners of Sparkraft are located in Texas and are looking forward to making their dream of  
supplying Scrapbookers and Cardmakers througout the US with the world's best Outline
Peel-Off Stickers a reality.  Our goal is to supply the Craft and Hobby Community with innovative
ideas and techniques for their projects by utilizing both preexisting and unique products.

We come from a mid-sized commercial printing business and a floral business background.
Joined by marriage, this team is ready to provide customers with service that can only come
from experienced creative, enterprising minds. We have both enjoyed various hobbies and
crafts since childhood and still consider these activities our passion.   

Our relationshiop with JEJE Produkt, vof is nearly a life-long and developing endevour.  The
owners of JEJE and their family share the same love of travel with us and our family.  Our
families met on corresponding trips 25 years ago.  Elly of JEJE and Sabina of Sparkraft
became friends and have visited each other in our hometowns of Hilversum, Holland and Long
Beach, CA numerous times.  The idea of bringing JEJE's successful products to the US excited
us so much that we couldn't pass up this incredible opportunity to provide US crafters with such
unique and elegant products.   

Sparkraft is committed to providing the community with high quality JEJE Peel Off Stickers and
Specialty Kits so they can create excellent and unique cards, scrapbook pages, or other crafts.  
Peel Offs will adhere to many different surfaces and provide the "spark" needed to enhance any
Sparkraft is the official U.S. Distributor of JEJE Produkt, vof.   

We carry new progressive and innovative items used in cardmaking, scrapbooking, and other
various craft activities.  Most items revolve around Outline Peel Off stickers, the European craft
phenomenon.  Browse our site for detailed information on each product.  

We are both a Wholesale and a Retail Distributor.  Our headquarters are in Carrollton Texas
and our warehouse is in Signal Hill California and we can ship to all points in the US and
About our supplier, JEJE Produkt, vof:

manufactures Peel Offs,  which are the #1 best-selling craft item in the European market.
has 16 years experience manufacturing craft products.
is a family-owned business located in Hilversum, Holland.
began in 1991 supplying the Sandy Art product and has consistently added new product
every year.