Peel-Off  Stickers
Peel off stickers designs/colors in JEJE's catalogue not on this list will have the following minimum:                         
The following links correspond to the sticker links on JEJE's site.  Listed within our links are the stickers available to you in the
designated colors and foils.  Please visit JEJE's site for images of the corresponding item#s.    
Notice that we have available various designs in various foils (Diamond, Mirror, etc.) and colors.  For instance, in the Contour section
you'll see some designs available in Diamond and Mirror, so these items are not limited to the Diamond section or the Mirror section.   

Please email your order to
The above mentioned prices are effective until September 1, 2008.
Outline Peel Off Stickers        $1.63 each

Transferfoil 3.6000-4 sheets
With transfer foil the negative image of the
stickers can also be used, so you get additional
pleasure out of the sticker sheets!